Tempted by the Devil

Lent always begins with Jesus struggling with his adversary “the devil” in the Wilderness. Interesting to note though, that it is not the devil, but the Holy Spirit that “led” Jesus into the Wilderness “to be tempted by the devil.”  In fact in Mark’s gospel, the Spirit “drove” Jesus into the Wilderness. Being tested in the Wilderness seems to be part of God’s plan for his beloved son, a plan that begins and ends with suffering.

Our own lives are also full of suffering, which makes one wonder if our trials are somehow necessary for our spiritual growth. Suffering, if it does not destroy us, seems to awaken something in us, seems to call up in us strengths we did not know we had. Adversity forces us to define ourselves, and define our values. Perhaps it is not a coincidence then that one of the names for the devil, “Satan,” literally means “adversary.”

Something to ponder for Lent!

Mother Candace+

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