Childhood Mystical Experiences

It is a common practice in the Episcopal Church to call the children forward to witness a Baptism at close range, as we will do this Sunday.  I still remember the first Baptism I witnessed as a child of four or five–or at least I remember one moment of that Baptism when I looked around and realized I was surrounded by the most beautiful stained glass and marble, and the air seemed suddenly charged with an energy I had never experienced.  In some amazing and terrifying way everything seemed to be connected to everything in that moment.
Of course I was too little–or too awestruck–to articulate that experience to anyone at the time, but it has remained with me all my life. To this day I believe it to be my first experience of God.
Maybe you had what some would call a “mystical experience” as a child–what the great Anglican writer Evelyn Underhill describes as “a sense of the oneness of all being.”  It is actually not uncommon for children to have such experiences, though they seldom articulate them until much later in life. You may or may not have related such an experience to God, but it’s something to consider…and I’d love to hear about it sometime!
Yours in Christ, Mother Candace+
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