Finally! The Trinity explained!

Andrew’s mom, Amy, sent this picture of his block version of “The Trinity.” Andrew explained the three crosses as “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…the tallest one is the Holy Spirit.”


I have noted several times during our monthly Children’s Sermon that we have some “budding theologians” in our midst–and this certainly seems to prove it! Despite years and years of debate at the Council of Nicea, I honestly don’t think the Greeks ended up describing the Trinity any better. The term they ultimately settled on in our Creed for the “three in one” aspect of Father/Son/Spirit is “homoousia,” which translates “one being,” or “one substance.”

Too bad Andrew wasn’t around in 325 to help the Greek Fathers–as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Have a blessed week! Mother Candace+

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