How to Declutter Your Life

A month ago John proposed we throw out one thing every day.  It was a great idea. In the process I had a real Holy Spirit moment when I tackled an old pile of papers and uncovered a little pamphlet near the bottom titled, “Decluttering as a Spiritual Exercise.”  It was prophetic. 
Throwing out (or giving away) at least one thing a day has not only decluttered our home, but uncovered many lost memories: old family photos, interesting old “to-do” lists, books I wanted to read, TWO pairs of glasses I thought were lost forever, a notebook full of dreams, etc. etc. ETC.!  
Throwing out/giving away at least one thing a day has led to old places and new, old goals and new, old thoughts and new. It has indeed become a wonderfully refreshing spiritual exercise, which I highly recommend.
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Have a blessed week!  Mother Candace+ 
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