Memories of 9/11

As is always the case the week of 9/11, many memories were shared over the last few days…
Larry Neeb told me he had just that day returned home from quadruple bypass surgery, and the first thing he saw on T.V. was the  plane hitting the second tower.  That was a moment for all of us–the moment we knew it was not an accident.
On our Facebook Page Kerri Haack wrote that she remembered: “Hugging Mike when he got to my office after I thought I’d lost him.”
Kyle Smith wrote:  “My sisters neighbor, John Daniel Marshall, was one of the heroes lost that day. He was a NYC firefighter. When my sister moved in her house, I met him her 1st day there – because he was the kind of neighbor who welcomed a new neighbor – and I remember feeling so comforted that my baby sister was in good hands on Westview Avenue. Dan left behind a 3 year old daughter, and a 9 month old son. May he, and all who perished, rest in eternal peace.
And Amanda Olsen shares from Vet school in St. Kitts:  “I was 11 years old sitting in science class when another teacher ran in and turned on the tv in time to see the second plane hit the towers. I remember making my parents’ anniversary dinner that I had planned for days and my parents trying to enjoy it even though no one was in the mood for celebrations. And I remember thinking that a day that should have been one of joyous memories for my family had become one of terror and confusion.
There are more memories of 9/11 on our facebook page We’d love to hear yours too!
Have a blessed week!  Mother Candace+
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