Top 10 Reasons Children are Welcome in Church

Top Ten Reasons Children are Welcome in Church*

10. We believe repeated exposure to the sights, sounds and symbols of the Eucharist helps form all Christians. Praying shapes believing.

 9. Children have their own unique relationship with God; being in church helps them learn how to pray, listen, sing and worship while they strengthen that special relationship.

 8. It would be really expensive to repaint all those road signs to read “The Episcopal Church Welcomes Only Adults.”

 7. Practice makes perfect!  Helping children enjoy and participate in worship helps them become tomorrow’s active worshiping adults.

 6. Sunday services make great family togetherness time. You can use the quiet space for extra hand-holding or snuggle time lost during a busy week.

 5. Children actually LIKE sitting in those usually-empty front row pews so they can see and hear what’s happening!

4. If children aren’t in church, who are the restless, coughing, whispering, cellphone-ringing adults going to blame for the noise?

3. There are no pop quizzes at the communion rail!  We all experience the Eucharist as mystery…and thanks be to God, you don’t have to be able to explain it in order to benefit from it!

2. Children teach us what absolute joy looks like – and what better place to experience that than in church?

1. And the #1 reason we welcome children in church:  When they don’t come God misses them–and so do we!


Blessings throughout these beautiful autumn days,
Mother Candace+
* paraphrase of Tracey Herzer’s article
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