By your endurance you will gain your souls

I am very proud to say that both of my parents served our country in World War II.  My mother was an Army nurse. My father was in the Army-Air Corps.  He was one of ten men sent to England before we entered the war in order to learn radar and bring the new technology back to the U.S.  He was actually a member of England’s Royal Air Force during that time.

I will never forget standing by my father’s coffin at his wake, and looking up to see a man I did not know in the full dress uniform of the Royal Air Force.  He explained to me that he was one of the ten men who had gone to England with my father to learn radar. He had seen my father’s obituary in the Washington Post and had come to honor him. I never saw him again, and I did not remember his name, but his noble gesture remains a grateful memory in my heart.  
God bless all who served that we might be free, Mother Candace+
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