What Makes Us Feel Loved

What Makes Us Feel Loved?

   Maybe you remember the study done in the 60’s where newborn monkeys were taken from their mothers and given a choice of surrogate mothers? One surrogate was made of wire, and provided food. But the baby monkeys all clung to the other “mother” made of terry cloth, even though she provided no food. Apparently even the semblance of touch meant more to them than sustenance. Touch reassures us that we are not alone, that we are loved. 

   Actually they say three things make us feel loved; in addition to touch there is also eye contact, and focused attention. How often do I read the Gospel on Sunday morning and notice Jesus doing these three things over and over again? How often do I ask myself if I am doing them consistently with those I love? It can be a good question to think about if someone in your life is not feeling loved.  

Epiphany blessings, Mother Candace+ 
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