Stewarding our Wealth

Finally, we are done with the giant sized post cards that poured into our mail boxes urging us to vote for this man or that women.  The election is over. However, now we are barraged by catalogues that promise happiness through buying or, to put a better spin on it, ideas for Christmas presents.

This is also the time of year that the mail brings reminders to make that pledge so that your school/college, or local charity or radio station will not only survive but thrive.  The church is no different.

This is the time of year that St. Pauls is asking you to think about what your parish means to you and express that through financial giving. This is our opportunity to show how your wealth can translate into a commitment to God.

Every one of us has wealth. True, some bank accounts are heftier than others but all of us have been given—either through hard work or gifts—assets that enrich our lives. We can also talk about our wealth in terms of our innate talents or the skills we have acquired. And, to press this further, our wealth can be counted in number of our years, our family and friends and the physical world in which we live.

The question is how do we steward this personal wealth; how do we manage it so it becomes a source of blessing for God’s little acre in which we live. The Gospel invites us to be smart about our wealth and to be generous. I take that to mean paying attention to the needs of people, including your own, and adopting an open hand posture that enacts the spirit of Jesus Christ. As Christians we can do no better.

Rev. Deborah Dresser

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