IMG_4454FishPlay is part of St. Paul’s program in spiritual formation for children ages 3 and up.  It is based on the Godly Play curriculum which encourages children to wonder and find meaning in the sacred stories from the bible and the liturgical actions of our church.  Children gain fluency in the Christian language and create their own commune-ity.

Our program seeks to nurture the deepest part of children’s hearts and help them become aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their life.  We believe children should have an equal access to a relationship with God.  Their faith is not just molded or formed by parents or other adults, but by God.  This gift of faith is nurtured by the caring adults in their lives throughout a lifetime of meaningful interaction.

Each session starts by a greeting from the Door Person, then when the children are calm and ready, they join the circle.  One child turns the infinite church calendar and the trained Storyteller presents a lesson.  These lessons are told slowly and contemplatively, encouraging the children to wonder as the story unfolds.  To see an example of a story being told, see this clip.  It is truly a beautiful experience!

Following the story, the children have an opportunity for work time.  As play is the work of the child, this is a critical chance for them to explore that day’s story, or other stories that have been told.  They also have access to art supplies to give them a chance to visually express the thoughts or wonders they have.

After work time is time for a feast!  It’s small in quantity but rich in spirit, as children work together to serve a very simple snack and water.  They pray together and eat together, just like in the Eucharist.  They know they can share whatever is on their minds without being judged.

Then the Storyteller tells each child goodbye.  The Doorkeeper thanks each child for coming and reminds each one how he or she is treasured before they return to their parents.

The St. Paul’s FishPlay program runs from September-May.  For more details, fill out the below form and we’ll contact you!

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