Ramp For All

At St. Paul’s, we see it as a mission to help everyone in our community.  Throughout our years in service to God and our community, we’ve found that many that need a church family, need to hear God’s message of love, need help getting up the stairs.

We want to continue to be a place to nurture all souls.  Particularly the very wise souls that sometimes are the pillars the church depends on.  And sometimes those wise souls, need to depend on churches like St. Paul’s.

Everyone should be able to come to St. Paul’s!  And you can help us fix that.


A current plan is in place to build a handicap accessible ramp along the side of the church.  This plan would allow access to anyone looking to share in our open communion. However, we need your help to raise the funds needed to build this ramp and reconfigure the exit from our parish hall (that would currently sit under the ramp).  To give everyone, no matter how easily they move, the ability to celebrate their faith.

How can you help?

We’ve created a paypal account with an easy way to give a donation.  It is tax deductible.  Most importantly, it helps give everyone a chance to hear the glory of God.  Won’t you donate today?

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