How to Make a Good Decision

This week I began decorating the house for Christmas and realized what a good exercise it was in “discernment.” As I moved through the house, I found myself practicing “good discernment” each time I tried a red bow on a wreath, then a gold, and stepped back to observe which looked best. It was a good example of a favorite phrase of mine: “The heart of discernment is trying it on.” So often we agonize over a decision, mentally tormenting ourselves with all the possibilities and paralyzing our ability to move forward. But the key to making a good decision can be just getting out of our head and actually “trying it on.”

Obviously, Christmas decorating does not involve life altering decisions, but the mechanics are the same. Are you wrestling with a big decision right now? Is there a way you could “try it on”? A way to stick your toes in the water? Perhaps you could volunteer for something in the realm of the career change you’re considering? Maybe you could visit two or three therapists/schools/doctors–whatever your dilemma entails–and see which one fits the best in person? You could really commit to a relationship, or go away for a short time, and see which one feels right. Maybe just stop tying yourself up in mental knots and in some small way “try it on” if you can!

Advent Blessings, Mother Candace+

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