When Plans Fall Apart

I’m the kind of person who enjoys making plans. When we go on vacation I love to do lots of research and make lots of plans for fun things we can see and do. I’m also the kind of person who is completely thrown when the plan doesn’t work. Maybe you’ve planned the perfect wedding and then woken up to rain, or unbearable heat and humidity. Maybe you’ve found your dream house/dream job/dream partner and watched someone else walk away with the prize. Life is full of left turns and interrupted plans…

The great spiritual writer Henri Nouwen says that when our precious plans are interrupted we often find ourselves feeling bitter or bored. “This is the great conversion of our life,” says Henri, “to recognize and believe that the many unexpected events are not just disturbing interruptions of our projects but the way in which God molds our hearts and prepares us for his return.”

 In my own life God has taught me to be more patient and open by “interrupting” my well made plans. Only later do I invariably realize God’s plans for my life are far better than my own.


May this season of Epiphany continue to fill us with new insights!  Mother Candace+

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