Why Bother Going to Church?

Do you feel you have no time, or need, to go to church?  Many people I talk to feel that way–feel that church is not a necessary part of their spiritual life. That may be true for some, but it seems to me most of us are far too human, far too distracted and stressed out, to think much about God without a weekly reminder.

Going to church is a way to realign and refocus ourselves for another week in this hectic, consumer driven world where it’s easy to lose our focus. How can we find time to think about our deepest values, needs, and desires?  Most of us won’t, left to our own devices.
One hour a week in worship, contemplation, and community, helps us remember what’s really important. An hour to hear again the “Good News” of God’s unfailing love for us. An hour to be reminded to love our neighbors; even the annoying ones, even the odd ones, even ourselves.  One hour a week to hear that God is with us whether or not we can find an hour for God.
Have a blessed first week of summer!
Mother Candace+ 
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