Seeing the Holy Spirit

I have come to believe that if we want the Holy Spirit working in and through us, we have to be open to the possibility that the people and events that enter our lives are not all random.  Everything and everyone could be a messenger from God. We need to stop questioning the “coincidences,” and pay attention when we have that prickly feeling on the back of or our neck, or unexpected tears come to our eyes.  We need to claim these as cues and confirmations from Christ within us.

   I remember a moment like this when I was to give a sermon at the chapel at the University of Virginia where John and I first met. When I went to put my sermon on the lectern I found a piece of paper there left behind from a previous service. It was a passage from “The Little Prince” that had always had special meaning for us from the time we met. How could that particular passage from that particular book be on this lectern on this particular day? What are the odds a non-religious reading would even be in a church? What are the odds it would be a reading with such special significance to our relationship in the very place we began that relationship and now returned for the first time in decades?

   What if everything your heart needs is all around you? What if that stranger on the bus has just the right words of counsel? What if that person you just met recommends a book that is just the book you need to read, and you read it, and it changes your life? What if it’s all there, all the guidance, all the reassurance you need, and all you need to do is open your heart to the Holy Spirit to receive it?  “Let those who have ears hear! Let those who have eyes see!”

   May you claim all the blessings that await you in this season of Pentecost! Mother Candace+

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